django-change-email is an open source project managed using the Git version control system. The repository is hosted on GitHub, so contributing is as easy as forking the project and committing back your enhancements.

Please note the following guidelines for contributing:

  • Contributed code must be written in the existing style. This is as simple as following the Django coding style and (most importantly) PEP 8.

  • Contributions must be available on a separately named branch based on the latest version of the main branch.

  • Run the tests before committing your changes. If your changes cause the tests to break, they won’t be accepted.

  • If you are adding new functionality, you must include basic tests and documentation.

  • If you write tests you should use the included BaseTest and use test fixtures:

    from change_email.tests.lib import BaseTest
    class CustomTest(BaseTest):
        fixtures = ['django_change_email_custom_fixtures.json']
        def test_something(self):
  • Documentation must be formatted to be used with Sphinx.