This application requires

From Pypi

To install from PyPi:

[sudo] pip install django-change-email


[sudo] easy_install django-change-email

From source

The latest release package can be downloaded from the GitHub download page.

Once you’ve downloaded the package, unpack it (on most operating systems, simply double-click; alternately, at a command line on Linux, Mac OS X or other Unix-like systems, type):

$ tar zxvf django-change-email-<VERSION>.tar.gz

This will create the directory:


which contains the installation script. From a command line in that directory, type:

python install

Note that on some systems you may need to execute this with administrative privileges (e.g., sudo python install).

Another possibility to install the application is to create a link to the app inside the Python path:

$ sudo ln -s django-change-email/change_email /path/to/python_site_packages/change_email